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Bioloid Comprehensive Kit

Boiloid (Humanoid)

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Dynamixel AX-12A Robot Actuator (1.4 Meg PDF) Dynamixel AX-S1 Sensor Module (1.5 Meg PDF) Bioloid User Guide (12.6 Meg PDF) Comprehensive Kit Quick Start (65.3 Meg PDF)

What's on the Bioloid CD?

Comprehensive Kit $899.00 Free U.S and International Shipping!

Build over 26+ incredible robots from a single kit!

  • (1) CM-510 Main Controller
  • (18) TTL network ready AX-12A servos
  • (1) TTL network ready AX-S1 Robot Sensor Module
  • (1) 5A, 12V power supply
  • (1) 9.6V,2300mAh rechargeable battery
  • (1) Full Frame set
  • (1) Bioloid Software CD
  • (1) Quick Start Guide (200 pages)
  • (1) Hardware set
  • (1) Cable set (25 pcs)
  • (1) Serial cable

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What is a Bioloid?

The Bioloid is a robotic kit made up of cleverly designed interchangeable block-shaped parts. With these parts, you can build robots in various shapes that accomplish various tasks. The name “Bioloid” comes from the words“Bio” + “all” + “oid” meaning that any living thing can be built in the form of a robot.

Kit Contents

Kit Map
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CM-510 Bioloid Main Controller Unit


The AX-12A and AX-S1 connect to the controller unit.

AX-12A Network

PC to Controller connection

PC to Controller

Behavior Control Program

Robots require software and Bioloid robotic kits come with 3 powerful software tools; a behavior control programmer, a motion editor and a terminal application.

Behavior control is a very useful concept in robotics. The behavior software allows the programmer to transition the state of a the robot when a particular stimulus or events is triggered. For example, walk forward unless something is in the way, then [enter your requirements here]…

Behavior Control Programmer Behavior Control Programmer
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Motion Editor Motion Editor
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The motion editor allows for finely tuned individual joint movements and the robot terminal application provides low-level communication with the controller.

There is simply so much that this kit can do and so much information. Please take some time to view the videos and documentation provided above.

We're having a blast with this amazing kit! ...And for the price you can't beat it!